Defectors under the guillotine

A human rights report to monitor the situation of defectors who surrendered to the regime forces

The Syrian regime’s pushing of its military and security forces in the face of popular demonstrations since March 2011 led to the “defection” of tens of thousands of recruits, officers, volunteers, and contractors. Some of them later engaged in fighting against the forces of the military regime, others went outside Syria or chose civilian life inside Syria without participating in military actions.

This case was one of the main items in all “reconciliation and settlement” agreements made by the Syrian regime forces and opposition factions prior to the restoration of several areas in Syria, under the auspices of the Russian Reconciliation Center between the warring parties, allowing the sentences of “dissidents” to be dropped on condition that they return to service. Military and security in their places of service before the “dissident”. The Syrian regime has also issued several “amnesty” decrees over the past years, including articles that overturn the sentences of “dissidents” and require that they surrender themselves within a fixed period, specified in each decree, from the date of its announcement.

These agreements and decrees led thousands of “dissidents” to surrender to take advantage of the overturning of their sentences, but the regime forces subsequently arrested, forcibly disappeared and forcibly disappeared them, and then revealed the death of several of them in prisons and detention centers.

This report illustrates the lies of promises and amnesty decrees issued by the Syrian regime to “dissidents” for its forces, and its failure to abide by the terms of the “reconciliation and settlement” agreements related to dropping sentences and not arresting them, despite the return of many of them to military and security service, amid the absence of public trials and the granting of “dissidents” The right to appoint lawyers and inform them of the indictments against them, as well as the great risk to the “dissidents” who are turning themselves in to the regime forces .

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